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Issue Data
Status: Closed
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Skyrim SE: Vanilla
Category: Actors
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: XBox One
Severity: High
Votes: 2
Watching: N/A
Opened By TheDaveisNope on Jan 3, 2017 10:16 am
Last Edited By Arthmoor on Jun 28, 2017 12:10 am
Closed By Arthmoor on Jun 28, 2017 12:10 am
Resolution: Can't Fix - Engine Issue

Issue #21824: Alduin won't show up during cutscene

I read the elder scroll and during the cut scene where you are supposed to learn dragonrend but when they say "Alduin approches" he doesn't. They just stand there. And I've reloaded multiple times.



2 comment(s) [Closed]
bfhcpd0 said:
Many people playing Skyrim SE on XBox One are encountering this problem, and it prevents players from completing the main questline. I would rate this bug as incredibly critical! There is no workaround that resolves the problem consistently.

Comment #1 Mar 5, 2017 6:31 am  Edited by on Mar 5, 2017 6:31 am
Arthmoor said:
This isn't something we can do anything about since the scene works correctly on PC. Issues with this that do manage to happen anyway are always resolved by reloading and going through the scene again.

Comment #2 Jun 28, 2017 12:10 am  Edited by on Jun 28, 2017 12:10 am
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