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Issue Data
Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Skyrim SE: Vanilla
Category: Meshes
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: XBox One
Severity: Medium
Votes: 0
Watching: N/A
Opened By Tirnochian on Oct 9, 2018 6:15 pm

Issue #25255: Whiterun Landscape Problem

In Whiterun, on the left side of the Dragonsreach fountain, the ground that meets with the stone of the foundation isn't properly connected to the surrounding ground, causing the path to fall off in a sort of "shelf". The ground around it should be raised to create a natural slope, similar to how it is in the same place on the right side.



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Tirnochian said:
Here's a picture.

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BlackPete said:
FormID: 0003f5f9, Mesh: Architecture\WhiteRun\WRTerrain\WRTerCloud01.nif

I noticed this issue a while back and mentioned it to several other project members. They didn't think that it would be something that is realistic to attempt to fix due to the size and complexity of the mesh. Although it looks like two pieces that aren't connected properly, it's actually one giant piece.

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