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Issue Data
Status: New
Issue Type: Bug Report
Project: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Component: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
Category: Items
Assigned To: Nobody
Platform: Windows PC
Severity: Very Low
Votes: 1
Watching: N/A
Opened By FelesNoctis on Jan 8, 2019 10:05 pm

Issue #25734: Alchemy & Food Keywords, Additions/Removals/Nitpicks

Doubt these would be too high up on the priority list but I noticed them when stumbling across another issue. Some of these are unused records, but should a mod author try to use the vanilla effect it would function incorrectly in certain circumstances. The EDIDs can be misleading in a few instances, but they were sorted based on what they are/would be used for.


MagicAlchBeneficial [KYWD:000F8A4E] is attached to a few food and other effects, but that keyword is specifically used by the Benefactor perk to increase the effects of player-made potions.

Blessings, Enchantments, & Effects:
CureDiseaseEffect "Cure Disease" [MGEF:000FBFF5]
----- Remove MagicAlchBeneficial, used by divine blessings
----- Add MagicBlessing [KYWD:000FB98C]?

dunHallOfTheVigilantCureDiseaseEffect "Cure Disease" [MGEF:0010E949]
----- Remove MagicAlchBeneficial, used by NPC-cast spell
USKPGiftOfCharityEffect "Fortify Persuasion" [MGEF:05028BB5]
----- Remove MagicAlchBeneficial, used only by a beggar's blessing
USKPRemoveVisualsEffect "Remove Unwanted Visuals" [MGEF:0506D8BA]
----- Remove MagicAlchBeneficial, used only by USSEP's visual effects remover

Food items:
FoodFortifyMagickaRate "Regenerate Magicka" [MGEF:001058A6]
FoodRestoreMagickaDuration "Restore Magicka" [MGEF:001058A7] (unused)
MarriageAlchFortifyHealRate "Homecooked Meal" [MGEF:0010E72F]
MarriageAlchFortifyMagickaRate "Regenerate Magicka" [MGEF:0010E731]
MarriageAlchFortifyStaminaRate "Regenerate Stamina" [MGEF:0010E730]
----- All above, remove MagicAlchBeneficial, not a potion


MagicAlchDurationBased [KYWD:000F8A4F] isn't actively used (the Catalyst perk isn't utilized), but it's still applied to a couple of duration effects and not to a large number of others. Catalyst also utilizes beneficial, so it's debatable if it's even necessary. It could also be corrected in some form in either direction.

Beneficial Effects with Keyword:
AlchInvisibillity "Invisibility" [MGEF:0003EB3D]
AlchWaterbreathing "Waterbreathing" [MGEF:0003AC2D]

Beneficial Effects without Keyword:
AlchFortifyAlteration "Fortify Alteration" [MGEF:0003EB24]
AlchFortifyBarter "Fortify Barter" [MGEF:0003EB23]
AlchFortifyBlock "Fortify Block" [MGEF:0003EB1C]
AlchFortifyCarryWeight "Fortify Carry Weight" [MGEF:0003EB01]
AlchFortifyConjuration "Fortify Conjuration" [MGEF:0003EB25]
AlchFortifyDestruction "Fortify Destruction" [MGEF:0003EB26]
AlchFortifyEnchanting "Fortify Enchanting" [MGEF:0003EB29]
AlchFortifyHealRate "Regenerate Health" [MGEF:0003EB06]
AlchFortifyHealth "Fortify Health" [MGEF:0003EAF3]
AlchFortifyHeavyArmor "Fortify Heavy Armor" [MGEF:0003EB1E]
AlchFortifyIllusion "Fortify Illusion" [MGEF:0003EB27]
AlchFortifyLightArmor "Fortify Light Armor" [MGEF:0003EB1F]
AlchFortifyLockpicking "Fortify Lockpicking" [MGEF:0003EB21]
AlchFortifyMagicka "Fortify Magicka" [MGEF:0003EAF8]
AlchFortifyMagickaRate "Regenerate Magicka" [MGEF:0003EB07]
AlchFortifyMarksman "Fortify Marksman" [MGEF:0003EB1B]
AlchFortifyOneHanded "Fortify One-handed" [MGEF:0003EB19]
AlchFortifyPersuasion "Fortify Persuasion" [MGEF:000D6947]
AlchFortifyPickpocket "Fortify Pickpocket" [MGEF:0003EB20]
AlchFortifyRestoration "Fortify Restoration" [MGEF:0003EB28]
AlchFortifySmithing "Fortify Smithing" [MGEF:0003EB1D]
AlchFortifySneak "Fortify Sneak" [MGEF:0003EB22]
AlchFortifyStamina "Fortify Stamina" [MGEF:0003EAF9]
AlchFortifyStaminaRate "Regenerate Stamina" [MGEF:0003EB08]
AlchFortifyTwoHanded "Fortify Two-handed" [MGEF:0003EB1A]
AlchResistFire "Resist Fire" [MGEF:0003EAEA]
AlchResistFrost "Resist Frost" [MGEF:0003EAEB]
AlchResistMagic "Resist Magic" [MGEF:00039E51]
AlchResistPoison "Resist Poison" [MGEF:00090041]
AlchResistShock "Resist Shock" [MGEF:0003EAEC]
AlchWaterWalking "Waterwalking" [MGEF:040390E1]

Attached Files:

Keyword Nitpicks - MagicAlchBeneficial Rmv.esp
Keyword Nitpicks - MagicAlchDurationBased Add.esp
Keyword Nitpicks - MagicAlchDurationBased Rmv.esp